Wax Melts

Fragrance without the Flame

David Oreck Candle Company's highly fragrant long-lasting wax meltable cubes are available in a range of fragrances. Unlike paraffin wax, derived from petroleum, our wax formula is made from a 100% soy wax blend for safe, non-toxic, long-lasting use. Once warmed, wax melts quickly fill the room with a sustaining aroma. Our 6 pack of melts has approximately 75 hours of fragrance.

Remove unwanted scents from your home with our Pure Air Odor Eliminating wax melts line or our Pet Odor Eliminating line, which contain odor targeting and eliminating molecules. For a spa experience at home try our Essential Oil melts. Or try our every-day scented melts with our Classic and Holiday lines.  All of our candles and melts are hand poured daily in small batches to preserve freshness at our factory in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Plug in warmers require 1 to 2 wax melts and the larger electric wax warmers require 2 to 3 wax melts.

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