Pure Air Odor Eliminating Candle - 14oz Vase

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These are not your regular odor eliminating candles. These are made by David Oreck. The same David Oreck who was on all those air purifier and vacuum commercials. He knows about dirt and odor and he knows about CLEAN. Pure Air candles burn clean which means your air is cleaner and your home smells better!

NEW STYLE! Now you can get America's favorite Odor Eliminating Candles in a stylish flared glass. Perfect to display in any room of your home - and our label removes easily for decorative purposes.

Eliminate smoke, kitchen, bathroom, and other smells with Pure Air odor eliminating candles! These Pure Air scented candles neutralize home odors and replace them with fresh scents. Hand poured in North Carolina, trust David Oreck's exclusive vegetable and soy wax formula to burn longer and cleaner. Soy and veggie wax formula burns 35% longer than regular candles while our wide wick candle allows for an even, soot-free burn.

Our Pure Air 14oz Vases burn for approximately 80 hours. For best odor eliminating results, burn the candle for 3 to 4 hours, extinguish, then allow to cool before relighting.

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