Electric Wax Warmers

Shop electric wax warmers for a flameless fragrance and odor elimination solution. 


About Electric Wax Warmers 

In order to heat wax, an electric wax warmer's cord plugs into an outlet rather than a candle wick's flame. If you are wary of fire (because of children/pet safety), desire a more intense home fragrance, or prefer a different aesthetic to a candle — than an electric wax warmer may be for you! The electric wax warmer melts the wax to release your chosen fragrance throughout the room. Choose from a variety of wax warmer styles to complement your home decor — from rustic to modern to seasonal!

To use, simply plug in your wax warmer to a nearby outlet and place 2 to 3 wax melts inside the dish. For a custom fragrance, mix and match wax melts within your warming dish. Each electronic wax warmer has an on/off switch. Please note, wax melts are sold separately.